smart speaker

Smart speaker fancy scares the master, let me laugh for a while~

smart speaker

Creepy Amazon and Google smart speakers have been freaking users out with unprompted statements and comments.One woman was so scared by comments made from her Amazon Echo AI device, that she simply unplugged it and put it in a draw for several days.

The owner had been sat on her bed one day listening to music and crying because she had just quit her job, when she said she heard a voice telling her: ‘It’s going to be OK’.

This isn’t the first time the devices have spooked their owners. There have been various reports of the speakers playing back conversations, playing music unprompted in the middle of the night and even turning on gadgets in other rooms.

One Google Home Mini system recently reminded its owner of a ‘cocaine and reefer’ event at 1pm.

The reminder reportedly made the device’s owner ‘afraid,’ until she realized the device had misheard a pastor on the television talking about ‘cocaine and reefer’ during a speech about addiction in the US.

Other instances have included smart devices swearing and randomly laughing.

Social media users have also spoken about about their experiences with Alexa. One user with name Joanna said: ‘A friend gave us an Alexa as a gift. We plugged it in for fun and it was so incredibly creepy! Unplugged it, put it back in the box, and feel its not right to give it to anyone.’

Other users were also surprised at the amount of detail the assistant can take in, one user with @TRAVisty_James said he had been teasing his friend and had told its Alexa to wake him up at 2 am with creepy music. The Alexa then replied and said: ‘setting alarm for 2 am tomorrow, with Halloween playlist’.