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Apple reveals HomePod smart speaker

Apple has announced a voice-activated loudspeaker powered by its virtual assistant Siri.

Like devices by Amazon and Google, Apple’s HomePod speaker can respond to questions and control smart home gadgets such as lights.

Analysts say Apple has been slow to improve its Siri virtual assistant and launch a smart speaker, after Amazon launched its Echo in 2014.

The company has pitched HomePod first and foremost as a music player.

Apple being very clever by launching its Siri speaker as a music speaker that’s smart, because Siri isn’t great, said Tom Warren from the technology news site The Verge.

Interesting that home assistant was the last feature they talked about. Focusing on music is smart, main use case for smart speakers, said Ben Bajarin, of the Creative Strategies consultancy.

The announcement was made at the tech giant’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose, California.

It’s a logical step for Apple, to ensure that they don’t miss the opportunity to get a smart device right in the centre of people’s homes, said Ben Wood, an industry analyst at CCS Insight.

There has been a huge amount of hype around Amazon Echo and Google Home, but we are really at the start of this technology.

This does a great job of extending the tentacles of Apple services.”

Analysis – Dave Lee, BBC North America technology reporter, at WWDC

At more than double the cost of Amazon’s Echo, the HomePod is a typical Apple move.

The company is once again banking on its reputation as a creator of intuitive, luxury products that justify a hefty price tag.

What’s interesting about Apple’s approach here is that the company has positioned HomePod as a music device first and foremost, a big contrast to the approach of Google which touted its Home speaker as a day-to-day assistant for many aspects of your life.

So – a cynic might say Apple has just launched the world’s most-hyped bluetooth speaker – not much imagination there.

But let’s face it, before AI and machine learning really matures, most home assistant devices are essentially voice-controlled speakers, and so Apple dedicating its effort into making it sound great is probably a smart move.

Then again, you might wonder if its “smart” capabilities are being downplayed due to Siri just not being as advanced as its competitors.

Video doorbell

What is the difference between an intelligent video doorbell and a video doorbell?

With the surge of the Internet of Things, smart homes have gradually entered the field of vision, smart cat eyes, video intercom, smart light bulbs, smart remote control, etc., and so on, consumers are also picking eyes. Especially in the recent period, smart cat eyes (new generation products in the field of smart homes) and video intercom (also called building intercom) have been completely overturned by the concept of traditional cat eyes, which is dazzling and silly. The points are not clear. So what exactly is a smart cat eye? What is a visual intercom? What is the difference between the two?


Video Intercom: Also known as Building Intercom, it is a modern, well-off residential service that provides two-way visual communication between visitors and residents. When in use, the resident hears the ringtone, accepts the call from the host through the downstairs host, and the video extension can receive the video image through the downstairs host camera to confirm the identity of the visitor to decide whether to allow the visitor. enter. Video intercom can improve the overall management and service level of the home and create a safe community living environment, so it has gradually become an indispensable supporting equipment for the well-off residence. Usually consists of front-end acquisition + back-end display, but there is no storage medium, the device can not access the network, so the scope of application is limited to indoors when there is a visitor to the doorbell to achieve a video conversation. Once you leave the house, there is no way to know about any visits or situations outside the door.

Smart Cat Eye: It is composed of front-end capture cat head + back-end display. It has memory function. When someone rings the doorbell, it can take photos and videos. It can remember the voice image information of the incoming person. It can save the message of the visitor. Play back again and the device can access the network. When there is a visitor, if there is someone at home, you can directly talk to the visitor video through the indoor display; if you go out, when the visitor rings the doorbell, the mobile app that is matched with the smart cat’s eye will automatically push the message, and the APP can be opened with the visitor. Live video conversations.


First of all, the smart cat eye integrates the functions of the cat’s eye and the doorbell, and overcomes the shortcomings and safety hazards of the traditional optical cat’s eye, and increases the role of monitoring. It is widely used in the doorway of homes and high-end hotels, and is an upgrade to the traditional optical cat’s eye. And alternative products. Secondly, the smart cat eye fundamentally prevents the possibility of peeping from outside the door and strengthens its role in security. The main performances are as follows: (1) There is a memory function. When someone rings the doorbell, he can not only hear the ringtone, but also see the guest from the screen. It can also take pictures and record, can remember the voice image information of the incoming person, or it is very convenient. Leave a message to the owner and play it back when we need it. (2) equipped with automatic memory is also the function of detection. Within a certain range, after sensing the human body, it will automatically take pictures and record, which is a very practical safety monitoring function; (3) usually an alloy external machine, installed from the outside And achieved the role of flood control.

The video intercom is an audio-visual communication system between residents and residents in residential quarters. It is the first line of defense against illegal intrusion in residential quarters. Through the setting of this system, the residents can use the intercom/visual intercom extension at home, and can talk to the visitor through the intercom/visual intercom door host located at the door of the unit building and can pass the extension screen. The image identifies the visitor. When the visitor is confirmed, the resident owner uses the door lock control button on the extension to open the electronically controlled door lock on the main unit door of the unit building, allowing the visitor to enter; otherwise, all non-unit staff and strange visitors are no enter.

Scope of application

Video intercom, used in one or more residential buildings, multiple households use a single door host, commonly referred to as video intercom system, building video intercom system; and used in a single household Such as villas, often referred to as single-family video doorbells or villa visual doorbells. Video intercom is mainly used in single-family apartment buildings or villas, so there are not many video intercom systems, and domestic video intercom systems are usually used in large residential areas, many of which are Thousands of households, even tens of thousands of households, have higher requirements on the capacity and stability of the number of connected households. The mainstream of the video intercom system still uses 485 bus signal transmission. At present, there is a trend toward digital development. Domestic adoption of TCP/ The video intercom system with a larger number of IPs is gradually maturing.

When the smart cat’s eye is used, when the visitor arrives, it will directly talk to the visitor video through the indoor display. Even if the guest is on the door, when the guest rings the doorbell, the mobile app that is matched with the smart cat’s eye will automatically push the message, and the APP can be opened in real time with the visitor. Video conversation. Visual access is limited to when there are people in the house. Smart cat eyes are currently used in a wide range of residential projects, and there are few mature applications in other areas.

In summary, the most essential difference between a smart cat eye and a video doorbell is whether the device is connected to the Internet for real-time remote control, so that you can get all the information outside the home anytime, anywhere, no matter where you are. Of course, in addition to this, the smart cat eye has suspicious signs automatically captured / video, mobile phone remote start alarm, PIR body thermal sensing and motion detection are not available in the video doorbell.


The low-headed family pays attention! The Dutch new regulations prohibit bicycle riders from watching mobile phones~

Using a mobile phone while cycling is to be banned in the Netherlands amid mounting safety fears in a country where bikes outnumber people.

A draft law scheduled to take effect next July will extend an existing 2002 ban on car and lorry drivers using their mobile phones at the wheel unless in hands-free mode to “the use of a mobile electronic device while driving any vehicle (including a bicycle)”.

The Dutch transport minister, Cora van Nieuwenhuizen, said the law was needed because the advent of social media and unlimited mobile data had changed how people used smartphones and the time they spent on them.

Cyclists were excluded from the initial ban because of their lower speeds, Van Niewenhuizen said. “But in fact, using a phone is just as dangerous on a bike as it is in a car,” she said. “The fact is that whenever you’re on the road you should be paying full attention and not doing anything at all on a phone.”

The increasing popularity of electric bikes meant cyclists’ average speed had risen, the minister added, while the country’s 22,000 miles of cycle lanes and paths had become more crowded.

The Netherlands has more bikes – about 22.5m – than people: 17 million. Almost a quarter of the population cycles every day and cycle use has increased by about 12% since 2005; the average Dutch cyclist now covers more than 600 miles a year in 250-300 trips.

Pedestrians, too, are at risk when they use mobile phones near cyclists: the Dutch town of Bodegraven last year launched a trial of foot-level traffic lights to prevent people wandering on to roads or cycle lanes while glued to their screens.

While research suggests the number of cyclists who need emergency care after an accident involving a mobile phone may not be particularly high, less serious accidents have become increasingly common, particularly among young people.

One in five bike accidents involving people aged 12 to 25 last year involved a smartphone, according to one estimate. A total of 206 cyclists died in traffic accidents in 2017, according to the central statistics office CBS, 17 more than the previous year.

Opinion polling suggests 75% of the Dutch believe the “active use” of a mobile – calling, texting, playing games, downloading music, posting on social media or using other apps – on bikes should be outlawed, with a majority saying they had witnessed “dangerous situations” involving cyclists and smartphones.

smart speaker

Smart speaker fancy scares the master, let me laugh for a while~

smart speaker

Creepy Amazon and Google smart speakers have been freaking users out with unprompted statements and comments.One woman was so scared by comments made from her Amazon Echo AI device, that she simply unplugged it and put it in a draw for several days.

The owner had been sat on her bed one day listening to music and crying because she had just quit her job, when she said she heard a voice telling her: ‘It’s going to be OK’.

This isn’t the first time the devices have spooked their owners. There have been various reports of the speakers playing back conversations, playing music unprompted in the middle of the night and even turning on gadgets in other rooms.

One Google Home Mini system recently reminded its owner of a ‘cocaine and reefer’ event at 1pm.

The reminder reportedly made the device’s owner ‘afraid,’ until she realized the device had misheard a pastor on the television talking about ‘cocaine and reefer’ during a speech about addiction in the US.

Other instances have included smart devices swearing and randomly laughing.

Social media users have also spoken about about their experiences with Alexa. One user with name Joanna said: ‘A friend gave us an Alexa as a gift. We plugged it in for fun and it was so incredibly creepy! Unplugged it, put it back in the box, and feel its not right to give it to anyone.’

Other users were also surprised at the amount of detail the assistant can take in, one user with @TRAVisty_James said he had been teasing his friend and had told its Alexa to wake him up at 2 am with creepy music. The Alexa then replied and said: ‘setting alarm for 2 am tomorrow, with Halloween playlist’.

Welcome to AsiaWorld-Expo (Near the Airport)Date: 18th-21st Oct., 2018 Booth No.: 1M46 Hall 1,Next step,See you soon.

Here is JOYHONG&IDWELL, manufacturer of Digital Photo Frame & Smart Home AI Product Series &Tablet PC with over 7-year experiences in Consumer Electronics.


We now sincerely invite you to visit our booth of Asia World-Expo, Hong Kong (Near the Airport):


Booth Information:

Exihibition: China Sourcing Fair: Electronics & Components
Date: 18th-21st, Oct. 2018
Booth No.: 1M46 (Hall 1)
Contact: Betty Zhou  86-13713786799
Add.: AsiaWorld-Expo, Hong Kong (Near Airport)


Welcome to our booth to have a look at follow Product Line 


l Digital Photo Frame:

( 7″/8″/9″/9.7″/10.1″/12.1″/13.3″/14″/15″/15.6″/17.3″/18.5″ ) Single function / Full function / P2P Wi-Fi Function / Wi-Fi Cloud Function for Selection.

l Advertising Player: From 7“ to 32” wifi function is available


l Smart Home AI Product Series:

-AI Speaker:Smart home voice control

-AI Smart Video Doorbell:Watch your house anytime anywhere

-AI Smart IR Remote :Make your house smart home

-AI Voice Translator: 41 languages voice translation & super noise reduction


l Smartphone: (4”/4.5”/5”/5.2”/5.5”/5.7”/6”):

-Naked eye 3D& NFC Series

-IP68 waterproof Series

-NEWEST 18:9 best-seller Series 5”&5.5”&6” Series


l Tablet PC:

-(7/8/10.1 inch) 4G Phone Call / 3G Phone Call / Wifi Version Private Tooling !

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Looking forward to meeting you at our booth by then!!




2018 Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Show [IEAE]

JOYHONG:Meet You At Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Show [IEAE] 2018

In September 2018, BSIMB will exhibit 2018 IEAE. IEAE is hosted by [CHAOYU EXPO] and hosted by [PERAGA EXPO]. It is the largest and most influential professional trade procurement exhibition for consumer electronics in Indonesia. 2018 Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (IEAE)

BSIMB booth information:

Exhibition Name: 2018 Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Show [IEAE]

Exhibition date: September 13-15, 2018

Booth No: D-12

Address: Jakarta International Convention Center

Welcome to our Booth,D12,IEAE,Djakarta,Indonesia!

At this exhibition, BSIMB will brings huge surprises for you :

  3. M9:Smart Video doorbell
  4. G20:IP68 Rugged Smart Phone
  5. Kids Tablet PC:The Best Android Tablet Especially Made For Kids
  6. AS6:AI Speaker
  7. Newest Smart Phone(18:9)
  8. D20:Full screen incell naked 3D phone with wireless charging
  9. A4/A40”5.5” 18:9 best-seller phone
  10. T5/T50 AI Voice Translator:41 Languages AI Voice Translato
  11. A1 Smart Home Remote Control:All in one remote control for smart home and entertainment devices,hub & App

We are professional manufacturer from China with very rich product lines for electronics and smart home AI Products , you can always find suitable product from us! Welcome to visit us!

Shenzhen JOYHONG Technology Co., Ltd.



JOYHONG: 2018 Indonesia International Consumer Electronics Show

Welcome to our Booth,D12,IEAE,Djakarta,Indonesia!
We are professional manufacturer from China with very rich product lines for electronics and smart home AI Products , you can always find suitable product from us! Welcome to visit us!
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Our team in Taipei Computex Show in June 2017


Our company have 5 days’ show in Taipei, we got some huge orders for Tablet PCs, Digital Photo Frame and Smart Phones. And started to cooperate with some big brand in Europe, North America, South America, Middle East, Asia etc. Also earned very good reputation from our customers.

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New arrival product (7” Digital Photo Frame)


Selling points

  1. 7-inch digital photo frame Full Functionslim 6.5 MM Sharp angle design
  2. Picture+Music+Movie+Calendar+Clock+Memory
  3. CE/FCC/ROHS passed
  4. Good quality +Low price +Fast delivery


JoyHong Technology is a leading professional OEM\ODM manufacturer of Digital Photo Frame with various designs and sizes for selection! Included (6.5”/7”/8”/9”/9.7”/10”/10.1”/12.1”/13.3”/14”/15”/17.3”/18.5”). We have very strong R & D team to design more good products for you to earn larger market in your side. Hope we can get more cooperation with you in future.

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China manufacturing industry facing huge……

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For example, in Tablet industry, cause recently exchange rate (USD to RMB) got down and the cost of materials increased, like LCD panel, DDR, Flash, even package cost, because China government focus on the environment protection strictly, many factories have too much pressures, but we never give up. Here sincerely hope our customer can support and understand us regarding to the price increasing, we are also very difficult to survive. So dear all our esteemed customers, please check your stock status, and adjust your purchasing plans accordingly. Thanks a lot.